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R&D vs. Lab Research

  • 1.  R&D vs. Lab Research

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    Posted 05-02-2018 12:52
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    Is there a difference between R&D and working at a university or research lab. I've heard of engineers with bachelors and masters doing research and development but I was wondering how that would differ from a doctorate level engineer that works at a university or primarily does research. Is the job itself different or just what you work on?

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    Posted 05-03-2018 13:02
    Hi.  I work at the National Research Council Canada which is a Federal Government lab.  NRC has research facilities located all across Canada.  The facility that I work at (DRAO) is located near Penticton BC on a radio quiet site where we design build and operate radio telescopes and instruments for radio telescopes.  So I represent someone with a Masters who works in a research lab.  We have all education levels here, from PhD down.  We work with both Universities and with industry.  We develop, design, engineer, fabricate, assemble, and test every part of a radio telescope from the structure (my area), to the digital computers, programs, radio feeds, etc.  I think the one difference between us and Universities is that we regularly work on large multi-year projects.  We can also retain a diverse staff of engineers and technicians, which Universities often have difficulty retaining because of the nature of their short term funding cycles.  University research projects are often short term and smaller scale as a consequence, but of course this is not always the case!
    The new paradigm for us is more collaboration with Universities.  Universities are a fabulous resource of bright new minds and ideas, and they can benefit from our broad resource base including our facilities, our specialized and expert research staff' as well as our engineers and technicians.
    I'm not sure if I have really answered your question, but if you are interested take a look at the link to the lab where I work:
    Astronomy and astrophysics - National Research Council Canada
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    Astronomy and astrophysics - National Research Council Canada
    NRC Herzberg is Canada's gateway to the stars. In addition to operating the government's observatories and a national astronomy data centre, we develop advanced scientific instruments for astronomical observatories in collaboration with industrial partners ? bringing out-of-this-world technology back down to Earth.
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    Gordon Lacy
    Lead Mechanical Engineer DRAO
    National Research Council
    Penticton BC