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Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) average

  • 1.  Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) average

    Posted 02-11-2019 14:15
    Fatigue life is often calculated based on the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) average, which is determined from the four highest values recorded using the equation, JIS average = 0.5A + 0.3B + 0.1(C+D), (as in for example Ismail, H., Salleh, S., and Ahmad, Z., Fatigue and hysteresis behavior of halloysite nanotubes‐filled natural rubber .. nanocomposites. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2013. 127(4): pp. 3047-3052  
    I should be most interested to know where/when this "equation" was first published?

    John Summerscales
    Professor of Composites Engineering
    University of Plymouth
    Plymouth, United Kingdom.