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Boy Scout Composite Materials Merit Badge

  • 1.  Boy Scout Composite Materials Merit Badge

    Posted 08-17-2018 18:02
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    ​Boy Scouts of America needs composites professionals to teach the composite materials merit badge to 11-17 year old youth nationwide.

    If you or your organization are interested in STEM outreach and interested in getting involved with this merit badge, here's how to go about it:

    - Locate your local council

    - Take Youth Protection Training at:

    - Submit an adult application, form 524-501, with proof of Youth Protection Training
    • BSA will do a background check 

    -  Submit Merit Badge Counselor application:

    - Take merit badge counselor training
    • Check with you local council or district for opportunities

    - Coordinate with your employer
    • They may require a separate background check

    Pass along the attached flier to anybody that might be interested.

    Dave Stone


  • 2.  RE: Boy Scout Composite Materials Merit Badge

    Posted 08-23-2018 11:54
    I know that many student chapters engage in educational outreach to local K-12 schools, and it sounds like this Scouts merit badge activity could be another way for the chapters to volunteer in their community.  If a student chapter were to be interested in working with the BSA in this capacity, would all of the students participating have to go through the background check process? Maybe just the faculty advisor?

    Elizabeth Cates
    Innegra Technologies
    Greenville SC

  • 3.  RE: Boy Scout Composite Materials Merit Badge

    Posted 08-24-2018 12:33
    ​The DFW chapter has been hosting an annual Composite Materials Merit Badge Workshop for 8 years now in conjunction with a local air show.  We host 70 scouts during the day long workshop.  We recruit volunteers (it takes at least 15 for our workshop) from our SAMPE members, the local UTA student chapter and local BSA Troops.  Most of our supplies are also donated through our SAMPE connections.
    Merit Badge Counselor is a registered position within BSA so a background check, BSA training and council approval are required.  The Merit Badge Counselor is responsible for following BSA safety guidelines and assuring all requirements of the merit badge are completed.  Workshop and field trip type activities (visiting a composite manufacturer) may employ non-registered volunteers but the Merit Badge Counselor is responsible following BSA safety guidelines which may require additional registered adults to assist.
    Feel free to contact me for workshop information and project ideas.

    Tony Bergerson
    Principal Engineer
    Bell Helicopter Textron
    Cedar Hill TX

  • 4.  RE: Boy Scout Composite Materials Merit Badge

    Posted 08-24-2018 12:48
    How about making it a model making - bio composite badge? Bridge building (SAMPE have a good history here) using natural or recycled materials? balsa, wood veneers, cardboard, plywood - never forget plywood :-)

    F-17770 Juicq Charente Maritime France

  • 5.  RE: Boy Scout Composite Materials Merit Badge

    Posted 08-26-2018 23:19
    As David and Tony have stated, you would need at least one person who is registered as a merit badge counselor, which requires going through the background check and training.  The counselor is responsible for the overall program, and signs off that each participant has completed the various requirements of the merit badge.

    However, I believe you could have the faculty advisor registered as the merit badge counselor, and the student SAMPE members assist with the actual merit badge completion.  The SAMPE members should take the Youth Protection Training (YPT), which can be done online in less than an hour.

    Your signature line indicates you are in Greenville, SC.  I suggest you contact the Blue Ridge Council for more information:
    From that website, you can check which of the 8 Districts within the Council is closest to you.  Either your District or Council can help you figure out what approach would work best for your SAMPE Chapter.

    I offered the composite merit badge last spring, at our local district's annual merit badge fair.  We had about a dozen scouts.  That worked well for me, and you might find it a good place to start.

    For those unfamiliar with the structure of Boy Scouts, the Troop is the smallest unit, typically 20-50 Scouts though some may be larger.  The District is the next level up, covering the Troops and Scouts from several adjacent communities.  The Council is larger still, each covering about 8 districts.  Beyond that is the National program.

    I'd also like to point out that Boy Scouts will begin accepting girls next spring.  So this merit badge will be an opportunity to reach out to both boys and girls, ages 11-17.  More information on that change is available here:

    Dr. Melanie Violette
    Troop 676, Issaquah, WA