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    Posted 06-28-2018 17:28
    Hello SAMPE!

    This year in Long Beach, for the first time at SAMPE, we had a Leadership Development session, where approximately 30 attendees spent a couple hours learning about different learning styles, how to engage with various communities, and connecting with people in and out of our industry. Since this event, there has been positive feedback and a desire for more Leadership Development opportunities through the SAMPE conference.

    Im happy to say we are tentatively planning a Leadership Development track for SAMPE 2019! The preliminary concept is to have several breakout sessions during the week on a variety of leadership topics and skills development. At this time, we would like your help brainstorming these topics!

    What leadership topics and skills are you interested in hearing about and participating in? Networking? Mentoring relationships? Recruiting? Communication skills? Education and Training? These are just a couple of ideas; we want to hear from you! Let us know what you are most interested in! 

    Thanks for your help in the development of this exciting new opportunity through SAMPE!

    Eric Schmid
    CAPE Lab - SDSMT
    Rapid City, SD