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Jacobs Space Tech Challenge information

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    Posted 07-11-2019 15:59
    This came from my NASA counterparts.
    Earlier this year at a MSFC sponsored event titled the "Breakthrough Materials Workshop", a Jacobs sponsored competition to identify new technologies or technical innovations that will achieve game changing / breakthrough results in support of NASA Exploration Programs was announced. The winner of this competition will receive a $10,000 prize.

    Sorry NASA (or Jacobs) employees you are not eligible but please pass this along!

    The Challenge:

    Describe a new material, a new manufacturing process, or a novel use of an existing material that significantly enhances at least one critical aspect of human spaceflight (safety, affordability, schedule, capability).

    Areas of interest

    *      Human environmental control and life support

    *      In-space nuclear propulsion system

    *      Lunar surface power using solar or nuclear

    *      Lunar dust mitigation

    *      In-Space Manufacturing and Assembly of Large-scale Structures

    *      Human-Rated Composite Structures for Launch, Transit, and Deep Space Vehicles and Habitation

    *      Materials and Structures for Extreme Environments

    *      Lightweight, Multifunctional Materials, Manufacturing & Structures for Deep-Space Exploration Systems


    *      Interested teams will submit a one page abstract describing their concept and projected results

    *      Teams submitting best abstracts will be invited to submit a five page proposal

    *      Top three proposals will be presented via video conference and a winner will be chosen from finalists

    See for contest rules (including eligibility), other details, and to submit an abstract. Employees of Jacobs or NASA are not eligible to participate in this opportunity.

    If you have questions, please contact David Berry with the Jacobs Space Exploration Group:

    David M. Berry, PE
    Department Manager, Materials and Processes Lab, Test Lab
    Jacobs Space Exploration Group | ESSCA
    Marshall Space Flight Center

    256-544-6254 Office | 256-679-5909Mobile

    David Stone
    Huntsville AL