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  • John,  Thanks for your generous and thoughtful response. We are not planning to fly anything with the disbonds we're experiencing.   In my current bonded joint application, our joints cracked but did ...

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    RE: DIY Curing Oven help

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous What is your notion of "fairly decent budget"? These working dimensions are tiny, almost the size of a household oven as you pointed out. ...

  • Fairly simple solution as folks do this often when they have large structures but small ovens. It is not unusual to "build your own "oven" surrounding the part you need to cure. Typically one builds ...

  • ​I have taken a simple kitchen oven and wired it to the lower heating element a proportional controller of my design. It runs off 220 VAC and is stable at any set point between 50-200 degree centigrade. ...

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    DIY Curing Oven help

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Hey everyone, Our college student club participates in the SAMPE Beam competition every year.  We've been using donated (and usually expired) ...

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  • Rainer's latest episode features  Dr Valeska Ting   who is a Reader in Smart Nanomaterials at the University of Bristol and is researching the use of nanoporous materials for hydrogen storage. Using ...

  • Thanks, Scott! Juan, please let me know if you need any additional information. ------------------------------ CJ James, SAMPE ------------------------------

  • SAMPE Brazil is really the only formal and active region near you in Bolivia. Their conference is in Sao Paulo in November 2018 and they have student activities that may interest you.  Find out more here:  ...

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  • SAMPE Utah and the University of Utah (Dr. Mike Cjabai -- our Student Advisor, Dr. Dan Adams -- our "composites test guru") made aconnection at a SAMPE Utah Chapter dinner with a paraplegic skier who ...

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  • Matthew, Sandesh, There are a few different useful points I can add to your discussion.  I'd be happy to discuss things with you more, of course. 1.  There are not always serious fatigue concerns in ...

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