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  • Hi Louis,  Thank you for the response. I am using Wabash Compression Molding Press for the process, and we do apply Vacuum, apart from the pressure applied by the platens. May the vacuum being applied ...

  • Muthu -- Are you using anything to move gas from the laminate during the molding operation?  If not, the first thing I would do is try a layer of peel ply on one or both sides of the laminate.  Be sure ...

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  • Dear Tyra, Thanks for reaching out and I feel motivated to actively get involve in this great society as I know there are people to reach out to for information's and also interested in getting feedbacks ...

  • Hi, I am manufacturing flat composite laminates in a compression molding equipment, and the resin flow is not uniform and there are spots in the middle. I am not sure how to avoid this issue, and if there ...

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  • The achievable fibre volume fractions will depend on the clamping force available on the mould and the reinforcement format, but might sensibly be around 20% for chopped strand/random swirl reinforcement, ...

  • Typical fiber volume fractions for infusion are between 55-70%. Thus, resin volume fraction would be dependent upon this and many other variables such as the yarn size, fiber form (or weave style), channel ...

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    RTM Resin Content

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous What is the typical resin content for Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) composite parts?

  • Hello All! I am David Pate and currently work at Lilium, GmbH as the Head of Materials and Processes. My exposure to SAMPE first started while attending the University of Washington and having the opportunity ...

  • Hello everyone, My name is Katia, and I am the Membership Manager for SAMPE North America. I'm the person you can call or email for anything that is membership or chapter related. I regularly attend ...

  • Hi Briana, Many thanks for the update on the upcoming sessions on NDE Techniques and tools. Will check the link attached and check my schedule. Thanks and Regards ------------------------------ OMOBUKOLA ...

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