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I’m an inventor and entrepreneur with an aptitude for knowledge synthesis and translation across disciplinary boundaries to yield technological innovations in material science through synthetic and molecular biology.

As a natural people connector, I am open to fresh opportunities with SAMPE North America and specifically within the SAMPE Carolinas chapter. We have recently acquired a large 3D braider and I am particularly interested in connecting with colleagues in the design and manufacturing of 2D and 3D braided composite materials. We have a good team assembled, with lots of experience in braiding and we are seeking to expand our business into braided composite materials.

I have a Doctor of Education in Art & Art Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, a masters degree in Instructional Technology from San Jose State University and an undergraduate degree in ceramics from Clemson University.

My background is as an artist and designer and I have had the unique experience of helping artists and designers transition from studio-based business into value chain manufacturing. As an artist, I have a solid fundamental understanding of ceramics and glass engineering and, as the founder of several non-profits, I have developed a fundamental and practical understanding of the intersections of economic and community development.

I am the inventor of a patent-pending nanomaterial that offers targeted functionalities relevant to the physical enhancement of biopolymers and biosynthetic fibers. As a side project, I am also developing and patenting two sustainably-derived textile auxiliaries. Through the NSF I-Corp customer discovery process, I have developed an understanding of the need for innovation in the engineering of biological systems to produce specialty materials and new biosynthetic polymers to be used in the development sustainable and functional textiles and composites.

In collaboration with a diverse, geographically distributed team of collaborators, Penelope Mimetics helps brands transition into the use of synthetic biology in their manufacturing processes and we collaborate with manufacturing partners and brands in the development of speciality braided technical textiles for composites and air laid nonwovens.